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A Jatumpamba Pottery, continued

All photos (c) 1994 Richard Burkett
Note that some shift in color may occur in translating these
to your type of computer and monitor. They will probably look
best on a high resolution color monitor set to millions of colors.
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View of the interior of the potter's workspace (132K gif image)

A larger view of the workspace of Jatumpamba potter Maria Margarita Enriquez.

Joe Molinaro tries using the clay mallets on a pot

Joe Molinaro tries his hand at using the mallets to shape the form. Maria was nervous, but Joe did a good job.

the large olla is almost finished

The large olla is just about finished.

Pottery Maria smooths the surface of the olla with the clay mallets

The surface gets quite smooth as the mallets are slid repeatedly over the surface, inside and out.

stacks of pottery drying in a room in a house (dog in foreground)

The finished pots are dried for a considerable length of time before firing. Here a large stack awaits firing in the entryway of the upper part of the house.

the 'kiln' - just a bare spot in the farmyard

The dark bare area next to the pile of shards is the firing site. The day we were there the weather was too cool and damp for firing. The pots will be piled up, covered with the shards and firewood and ignited. The firing takes a very short time. The distinctive fire-marked red and black of Jatumpamba pottery comes from this quick firing process.

pottery in a rope net ready to go to market

Pottery is often packed in simple net bags and carried on a shoulder or on the back. Breakage is only occasional, it seemed.

the pottery market in Cuenca, Ecuador with pots from Jatumpamba

Another view of a Cuenca market with piles of Jatumpamba pottery of all kinds.

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