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Majolica Bibliography

from Linda Arbuckle

 Italian majolica jugItalian Jug

    Majolica Overview | Majolica & Lowfire Recipes | Majolica Bibliography

    Index of articles about majolica. Thanks to Richard Burkett at San Diego State U. for help from his Ceramics Monthly index.

Artist/ Subject Publication vol./issue/pp Date Title Author
Andersen, Stan Studio Potter v.11 no.2 pp16-18 June, '83 "Form and Pattern" Andersen
Arbuckle Clay Times v.3 no. 3 May/June, 1997 "The Majolica of Linda Arbuckle" Molinaro
Cochrane, Bruce CM p 47-50 Nov., 1990 "Expressive, Utilitarian Earthenware " Cochrane
Cochrane, Bruce CM p 57 Oct., 1994
Cone 4 maj. CM p 42 Apr., 1980 "Majolica Techniques at Cone 4" Byrne
Copeland, Alexandra Ceramics Technical p.3-10 June, 1996 no. 2 "Maiolica: An Artist's Medium" Copeland, Alexandra
Design for production CM p.37 Jan. '95 "Designing for an Italian Factory" Koblitz, Karen
Gustin CM p 45 Dec. '82 "A Potters Journey" Gustin
Gustin, Jane CM p 39-40 Jan., 1986 "Directions" Gustin
Historic majolica CM p 39 June/July/Aug., 1988 Turkish Majolica Maxey
Italian maj. CM p 55 Jan., 1978 Italian Majolica from Midwestern Collections
Kiener, Connie American Craft pp. 74-77 Oct. Nov. 1994 "Natural Illusions" Wichert, Geoffrey
Majolica: Essays Studio Potter vol. 24 no. 2, pp 35-49 June, 1996 Articles by Bill Brouillard, Deirdre Daw, Stan Andersen, Terry Siebert, Deborah Groover, and Walter Ostrom. Those & other works pictured. Linda Arbuckle, ed.
Ostermann, Matthias Ceramics, Art, & Perception

No. 18

pp. 17-20

1994 "Maiolica - A Painter's Medium" Ostermann
Ostrom, Walter CM p 45 Dec., 1983 Earthenware Ostrom
Rozman, Paul Ceramics Mo. Pp 42-3 Jan. '85 Lowfire work, recipes Rozman
Rozman, Paul CM v.44, no. 7 p.61-64 Sept. '96 Invisible Gesture. Rozman


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