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Articles on Ceramics

Anagama firing at EKU
- by photos by Richard Burkett and Elizabeth Loring

Jatun Molino: A Pottery village in the Ecuadorian Amazon
- by Joe Molinaro. Molinaro studied this village pottery as part of a Fulbright Grant
- link from Molinaro's home pages

Kichwa (Quichua) Potters of Jatun Molino
- by Richard Burkett. An annotated photo documentary on this unique pottery from the Amazon basin of Ecuador.

Fantastic Figures of Ocumicho
- by Joe Molinaro. The potters of of Ocumicho, Mexico, link from Molinaro's home pages

Ice Age Ceramics
- by Dr. Jayne Shatz. Recent discoveries push back the apparent beginnings of ceramics.

Jamaican Potter Ma Lou Jones
- by Joe Molinaro, linked from Molinaro's home pages

Kilns of Cuenca, Ecuador
- by Joe Molinaro & Richard Burkett. Written as the result of a weeklong workshop to help potters in Cuenca develop more efficient ways to fire and quit using lead glazes.
- Also published in Spanish by the Paul Rivet Foundation in Cuenca, Ecuador

A Jatumpamba Potter
- by Richard Burkett. Annotated photo documentary on a village
- pottery in the Andean region near Cuenca, Ecuador.

Majolica Overview | Majolica Recipes | Majolica Bibiography
- by Linda Arbuckle. Historical and technical info on this popular technique.

Primitive Firing
- by Tony Nankervis

- by Leonard Smith. Historical and technical information about heat measurement in kilns.


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